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January 14th, 2009

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10:46 pm - Another Fairytale
So this is another fairytale,
about a boy and a girl,
who just met each other at the right place in the same world.


And they didn't live a long and happy life, because he died,
a mortal death, a fatal accident.
And she, desperate out of love for him, committed suicide.
And she died too, a mortal death, not romantic or fast without pain,
but with a long martyrdom.
Bloody and painful.
Without hope, because no one could hear her screaming,
she died finally with a ugly expression on her face,
nothing like the beautiful eternal smile so many of the fairytale-women had,
when they died.
One big, ugly, bloody mess.
Just like the rest of the world.
Nothing like another fairytale.

the End

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